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Wealth Stewardship

Saving up, and still not getting anywhere? There are a lot of twists and turns with life and money. Setting up systems and monitoring results is why individuals and families keep Riggs Wealth Management as their “go-to money guy.”

Retirement Plans

So your company has a 401k plan? Are you working for it, or is it working for you? Let me help you measure its performance and cost.

Meet the Man

A man with a plan seems trite, huh? However, Greg Riggs, owner of Riggs Wealth Management has been a fiduciary and certified financial planner since 1984, so he has a few ideas. All the ideas include keeping you financial safe.

For Individuals & Families

As a Certified Financial Planner since 1984, the most common question Greg Riggs gets asked is: “Can you help me manage my money?” We’ve helped families just getting by, to people with a ridiculous amount of cash. Read more about the philosophy.

For Business Owners

So you own a business! Do you have, or are you considering some form of Retirement Plan? All employees love a 401k, especially if you, the owner, provide a match. However, a match will almost never help YOU. My job is to represent the interest of the person that signs the check on the front!

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It seems all quiet, but lots is happening!

During the first quarter, the media was all over why the market had corrected.  Funny how quiet they have been lately, but lots has been happening! Three significant trends have occurred during the second quarter. First, a continuance of the multiyear...

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2017, The Year of Tech!

There were three trends that dominated 2017. The first was no corrections.  In a normal year we see one correction of 10% and three of 5%.  The worst we saw last year was 3%.  Nothing.  Not even a blip on the radar.  Thus the great fear everyone seems to have, when...

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And the Rubber Band Stretches!

If you follow the market indexes, you get the impression that we are in a very strong market. But like all things, you need to pop the hood and look underneath to get the complete picture. What we have really had this year, and on a global basis, is a really strong...

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