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And the Rubber Band Stretches!

If you follow the market indexes, you get the impression that we are in a very strong market. But like all things, you need to pop the hood and look underneath to get the complete picture. What we have really had this year, and on a global basis, is a really strong...

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2016, A good ol’ Rollercoaster!

In my Riggs Update of early December, I gave you my thoughts on where I see the markets going and why. This report is intended to accompany the delivery of performance reports for the accounts I manage with discretion on your behalf. So let’s start with a review of...

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Several of you have asked me to share my thoughts about how the market is and will, react to Mr. Trumps Presidency. I had intended to wait to include those thoughts in my year end comments in January, but I guess you are going to get a preview now! The Stock Market is...

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Things are a Changing!

I just reread my newsletter of January 7 2016, and the tone of this one will be the exact opposite! Things are changing! For the first time in my career, the Growth oriented accounts that I manage are roughly 50% in cash. Here is why. The correction that we...

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