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Trick or Treat!

Or in the case of this October, trick only! In a typical year, the stock market has one correction of about 10%, and three of 5%. But not this year!  This year we had no 5% but have been blessed with a second 10%.  The S&P 500 corrected down to about -11.2% at its...

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It seems all quiet, but lots is happening!

During the first quarter, the media was all over why the market had corrected.  Funny how quiet they have been lately, but lots has been happening! Three significant trends have occurred during the second quarter. First, a continuance of the multiyear...

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2017, The Year of Tech!

There were three trends that dominated 2017. The first was no corrections.  In a normal year we see one correction of 10% and three of 5%.  The worst we saw last year was 3%.  Nothing.  Not even a blip on the radar.  Thus the great fear everyone seems to have, when...

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And the Rubber Band Stretches!

If you follow the market indexes, you get the impression that we are in a very strong market. But like all things, you need to pop the hood and look underneath to get the complete picture. What we have really had this year, and on a global basis, is a really strong...

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2016, A good ol’ Rollercoaster!

In my Riggs Update of early December, I gave you my thoughts on where I see the markets going and why. This report is intended to accompany the delivery of performance reports for the accounts I manage with discretion on your behalf. So let’s start with a review of...

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Several of you have asked me to share my thoughts about how the market is and will, react to Mr. Trumps Presidency. I had intended to wait to include those thoughts in my year end comments in January, but I guess you are going to get a preview now! The Stock Market is...

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