Financial Services

We take the time to understand each client’s long-term goals and dreams coupled with their current financial circumstances. We use this knowledge, combined with the vision of where the client would like to be, and tailor a detailed financial plan to help each client live an abundant life.

This complete, whole life financial planning process includes:

Plan Design #1

This is a great example of what you do not want. May as well pay the taxes, this simply cost’s too much. This is a classic 15% Profit Sharing Plan or could be a SEP.

Plan Design #2

Now this is much better. Here the employee cost is much less than the taxes you would pay. Note that 90% of the money goes to the owners!

Plan Design #3

Now were talking! This is a Cash Balance Plan added to the Profit Sharing/401k plan. We have now been able to accomplish some serious tax deferral. Over 96% of these dollars are going to owners.

If you’d like to find out if you are getting as much tax deferral as possible, give me a call!