Business Owners

So you own a business!

Do you have, or are you considering some form of Retirement Plan?

All employees love a 401k, especially if you, the owner, provide a match. However, a match will almost never help YOU.

My job is to represent your interest, the person that signs the check on the front!

I am not an ERISA attorney or Third Party Administrator (commonly referred to as a TPA), but I know the creative ones that work with smaller companies. In collaboration with these professionals, my goal is to help you to defer as much money from taxes as possible. This is the world of cross-tested profit sharing plans, cash balance plans, and the almost, but not quite obsolete defined benefit plan

If you are looking for a way to defer the high cost of taxes, then you need to consider what I call Highly Discriminatory plan designs. Hey, I know that those words are considered no no’s today. But the truth is, if we cannot make this plan save you more in taxes than the cost of maintaining it, then why do it?

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However, if you are in a competitive employee environment, you may still need a simple 401(k) plan just to attract and keep good talent. 401(k) plans are a commodity these days. My job becomes finding the right vendors and fund choices that fit your needs.

In 2012 the Department of Labor significantly changed the rules for how my industry provides oversight for investment advisors and brokers. As a result of this sea change, I sought the specialized credentials for the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF). This designation is all about the special work that goes into the ongoing maintenance of retirement plans. There is a lot more to your plan than simply which fund to put your money in! The Department of Labor has significantly increased its staff of auditors and like the Boy Scout Motto, you need to Be Prepared!

I encourage you to go to the Department of Labor website and view the brochure on Selecting and Monitoring Pension Consultants. (I can send you a copy in pdf if you like)

I encourage you to ask all 10 questions of your current advisor, and me as well!

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To learn about fund selection and performance measurement

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